SIFU Víctor Gutiérrez continuing to Teach Wingfight Around the World, this Time in Leipzig, Germany. Read us!

Wingfight in Leipzig

Continuing to Teach Wingfight Around the World, this Time in Leipzig, Germany. Where an Exciting Three-Day Course was Held, Bringing Together Passionate Practitioners of this Martial Art. With Training in the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, Participants Had the Opportunity to Immerse Themselves in the Discipline and Improve Their Combat Skills.

Wingfight in Leipzig: An Intense Martial Arts Course

Three Days of Intensive Training

During the seminar, intensive training sessions were held in striking, allowing participants to perfect their techniques and increase their striking power. Additionally, effective combat strategies were taught to address different situations and opponents.

Incorporating Everyday Weapons

A highlight of the Wingfight seminar in Leipzig was the inclusion of everyday weapons in the training. Participants learned to use common objects as tools for defense and attack, enabling them to develop a more comprehensive and versatile understanding of this martial arts discipline.

Instructors from Thay Box and Kick Boxing

The seminar featured prominent instructors from Thay Box and Kick Boxing, further enriching the attendees’ experience. Combination of different approaches and techniques provided a diverse and enriching perspective on the Wingfight martial art.

The Focus of Instructor SIFU Víctor Gutiérrez

One of the highlights of the seminar was the focus of instructor SIFU Víctor Gutiérrez. Participants were impressed with his dedication and approach to the Wingfight martial art, inspiring them to return for future editions in Leipzig.

The Future of Wingfight in Leipzig

The success of the Wingfight seminar in Leipzig demonstrates the growing interest in this martial arts discipline. Participants were inspired and motivated to continue practicing and improving their skills in Wingfight. We look forward to offering more exciting seminars and events for passionate followers of this martial art in Leipzig and many other locations around the world.

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