Wingfight (Tenerife – Canary Islands)

Wing Fight is a modern martial art that combines physical form with the fundamentals of attack and defense. The dynamic system of Wingfight has been developed by Grand Master Sifu Victor Gutierrez as the logical evolution of Wing Chun, incorporating the best training and teaching methods. During his time in the Canary Islands, Spain, Victor held several workshops at the Hara Sport Center, teaching dozens of people some basic aspects of the martial art. In addition, Victor, a global reference in martial arts, has chosen the Jungle Move training system as the ideal functional training method for WingFight.

WingFight at the Hara Sport Center

Three different workshops were held during the week. First, the Jungle Woman WingFight, a Defense Workshop for Personal Development, held on January 21st, 2023. In this workshop, users learned to:

  • Reacquaint themselves with their body and self-defense
  • Auto-defense techniques
  • To defend and attack effectively

WingFight Safe In Wingfight, all distances and resources of the human body are worked for effective defense, but it is also a mechanism for improvement in which the student can take multiple paths according to their abilities and personal goals. This is a perfect martial art for the state’s security forces and bodies. This was the focus of the second workshop. On January 20th, in this workshop, especially created and designed for the state’s security forces and bodies, students learned about:

  • Coordination between partners
  • Individual reduction techniques
  • Content suitable for both men and women

Seminar WingFight The last of the seminars held from January 19th to 21st at the HARA SPORT CENTER was a seminar focused on training in WingFight, where participants learned about:

  • The most efficient techniques for self-defense.
  • Development of motor coordination and balance.
  • Development of physical, mental and emotional aspects through WingFight techniques.
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