WingFight – Jungle Woman

The defense of women is becoming an increasingly relevant issue in society today. With Jungle Woman Wingfight, participants will learn specific physical, psychological and strategic techniques to face risk situations in their daily lives.

In addition to improving their fighting skills, they will also learn about the Wingfight way of life, which will help them act with more confidence and serenity in unforeseen circumstances and improve their physical and mental well-being. Wingfight is not just a sport, but a way of life.

Learning to quickly and safely react to risk situations is a valuable skill at any age and physical fitness level. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your self-defense skills and increase your well-being with Jungle Woman ,

Wingfight at Hara Sport Center

Wingfight Woman, at Hara Sport Center On March 11th, the Hara Sport Center will once again host the celebration of a new Jungle Woman Fight seminar. In it, attendees will learn how to use everyday items to defend themselves. Another main point that will be discussed is how to repel attacks when grabbed in different situations and positions. And finally, they will also teach us how to get up and escape when we are on the ground. For just 7 euros, participants will have the opportunity to learn self-defense from one of the world’s most important martial arts instructors.

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