SIFU Victor Gutierrez Continues to Spread WingFight Everywhere. Teaching everything necessary to the people who fall in love with this martial art every day. This time, the journey will take him to Cologne, Germany to the Tenshinkai Dojo Köln.

Next Saturday, April 15th, the Tenshinkai Dojo Köln will host SIFU Victor Gutierrez, who will be teaching WingFight lessons from 10am to eager students at the dojo.

This workshop will be the introduction of WingFight in Cologne, where SIFU Victor Gutierrez will share his vision of martial arts and WingFight in particular for about 5 hours. He aims to show participants a new way of understanding martial arts training. Some of the topics that will be taught are:

  • How to improve your strike in just a few hours of training
  • How to quickly and effectively use the opponent’s force
  • Safely crossing the critical distance so you can strike without being struck
  • Use of everyday weapons in self-defense.

“Wingfight is not just a martial art, but a training system in which the student can take multiple paths, adapting it to their personal growth goals.”


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