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Wingfight Affiliates

To be an accredited Wingfight center, certain requirements must be met to ensure the quality of teaching and safety of practitioners. It is necessary to have an appropriate place for practice, qualified instructors, and to follow the technical norms and guidelines of Wingfight.

To become an accredited center through the Wingfight website, you must:

  • Complete the registration form.
  • Provide information about your center and the instructors who teach classes.
  • Make the annual payment.

Once the information is verified and the requirements are met, you can obtain accreditation as an approved center.

Affiliated centers on the Wingfight website can benefit from greater visibility and recognition within the WingFight community, which can help attract more students. In addition, they can access:

  • Being official Wingfight merchandising distributors.
  • 1 monthly post on the Wingfight website blog.
  • Promotion of Wingfight events hosted by your center with the presence of Sifu Victor Gutierrez.

A center seeking to be accredited by Wingfight must adhere to certain technical guidelines, rules, and regulations, which include:

  • Having a suitable space for practicing martial arts, including a training area with the necessary size and conditions to carry out activities safely and comfortably.
  • Having instructors trained and certified in Wingfight, who are familiar with the techniques and philosophy of the organization. These instructors must have the proper training and accreditation and be registered with Wingfight (add link?).
  • Following the technical guidelines of Wingfight in terms of techniques, movements, and skills taught at the center, ensuring that they are executed and taught precisely and safely to the students.
  • Promoting the values and principles of Wingfight, encouraging respect, discipline, ethics, and camaraderie among the students and staff of the center.
  • Participating in events and activities organized by Wingfight Official, contributing to the development and dissemination of martial arts correctly.
  • Maintaining constant and effective communication with the organization, informing of any updates related to the center and the practice of martial arts.
  • Obligation to comply with safety and injury prevention regulations. This would include the need to have suitable protective equipment (first aid kit, helmets, gloves) and to perform adequate warm-up and stretching before each training session to reduce the risk of injuries. It would also be essential to establish protocols for action in case of injuries to ensure prompt and effective attention in case of an emergency.
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