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WF Woman

In today’s society, women’s self-defense is a relevant topic. With WF Woman, participants learn physical, psychological, and strategic techniques to face risky situations in their daily lives. In addition, the philosophy of Wingfight helps them to act with confidence and calmness in unforeseen circumstances, improving their physical and mental well-being.

Wingfight Woman

Be your own heroine: Self-defense classes for women

Within the Wingfight system, we have created a variant specially designed for women, where attendees will learn to use everyday weapons to defend themselves. Another main point of this method is learning how to repel attacks when grabbed in different situations and positions. In addition, we will also teach how to get up and escape when on the ground.

Women’s self-defense can serve any woman in need. Having this knowledge can make a difference in having more opportunities to emerge from an attack unscathed. Moreover, knowing and applying basic self-protection rules to your daily life will make you feel more self-sufficient and secure.

Women’s self-defense aims to be an alternative for women who have (or may have) the need to defend themselves in a violent situation, without having to become martial artists.



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